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Reformed church in Monroe Washington

Who is in Charge?

Has Jesus ascended and left us to fend for ourselves?

A Better Way to Love

It is impossible to reconcile the idea of unconditional love with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the love of God

Prayers of Anxiety

I do not recall any time in my life that I was free from concerns of the future. As a child I spent most of my time alone and in my own head, escaping from the unstable world around me and creating one that met my idea of good and was easy to control. Adulthood…
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What Does it Mean to be Sober Minded, Part 2

In Part One, I focused on what being sober minded could mean for those who believe they are saved but are not. Our focus will now turn to being sober minded as followers of Christ. The term here is mostly used as an encouragement to wake up and remember what is true. I have been a Christian…
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What Does it Mean to be Sober Minded?

Its time to sober up. This call to mental action in Scripture is ignored by most people because they do not believe it applies to them but ironically, this is the very self-deception that the Bible is calling us to wake up from. Most people plow through life in a state of semi consciousness, allowing…
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The Subtle Prosperity Gospel

The gospel of prosperity is rampant in many churches in a subtle and deceptive manner. There are many flavors of the prosperity Gospel from the overtly obvious to the deceptively subtle. On the extreme end there is the obvious prosperity Gospel that we see being fed by the likes of Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, Joyce…
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Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis – “why do I not live according to my identity?” Can you imagine waking up from a surgery or recovering from a traumatic event and having no memory of who you are? That almost seems too difficult to process but there are cases of this medical phenomena happening throughout history from either physical…
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