Who is Magnify Church?

There are two questions that I am asked when people learn that we are planting a new church here in Monroe Washington.

  1. Why do we need another church in Monroe?
  2. How is Magnify Church different?

I hope to answer these questions below. If you have additional questions or would like to know more or plan a visit please send an email to MagnifyChurchMonroe@gmail.com or call/text (360) 322-4652.

Why do we need another church in Monroe?

To this I have to ask a question in return, why would we not want more churches in Monroe?

More churches that share the good news of Jesus Christ and disciple Christians so that they will have a better understanding of God as shown to us in the Bible and a full understanding of the Gospel of Jesus.

More churches where Christians are encouraged to care for one another and the community.

More churches where people are able to depart from the destructive paths in their lives through Biblical counseling and the freedom of the Gospel.

I understand that some are against Christian churches and that is their right to believe so, but a healthy church should be life giving, filled with those who are born again to a living hope in Jesus Christ. You can never have too much of that.

What makes Magnify Church different?

Different than what? Our intent for Magnify Church is not to be different, not to be the latest trend or to be a better cultural fit than other churches.

I can’t tell you how we are different from all the other churches, and I am not deceived in believing that we are the perfect church or the one that has it all figured out.

What I can tell you is what we believe is important for us as a Christian church and I will let you determine how that is different.

  1. We have the highest regard for Scripture. This plays out in everything we do from preaching, teaching, worship, counseling, and care for one another. We believe that the Bible is trustworthy and true, and the central message throughout is the good news of Jesus.
  2. We believe that worship is regulated by Scripture. While we do care about culture, we do not believe that we should cater to culture as a way to draw people in to church but instead teach God’s Word faithfully which is always relevant. We choose worship songs that are rich with the truth of God’s word and seek to glorify God and not man in our services.
  3. We are a reformed church which primarily means that we believe that salvation occurs by Grace Alone, through Faith Alone in Jesus Christ Alone, as revealed through Gods Word Alone and for the glory of God Alone.
  4. Finally, we are a confessional church which means we look back to the creeds and confessions that have been thoroughly tested by God’s word and provided guidance for us. We abide by the 1689 London Baptist Confession. This helps us to avoid teaching or believing errors that take us away from God’s Word.

I am excited to see our church grow in size as we proclaim the Gospel and people are saved but I am just as excited to see our church grow in depth as we grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ and learn what it means to live as children of God.

Our success will not be determined by our size but by how we glorify God and respond to Him.

  • Pastor Brian Stoddard

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